VPNTool Review

Surfing internet anonymously is one of the hardest tasks that any internet user has to deal with. Basically, they have to know the basic concept of the VPN service, which gives them freedom and hide all of their identity while surfing on the net. The VPN itself does not replace the ISP. It just creates a private connection, which is secured using the several layers to make sure that the information is transferred directly to the server of the VPN company, then it will be forwarded to the internet.

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In other words, it is like a station where all the information arrives before reaching the internet. This way, the information that the websites receive is totally anonymous, they  have no clue about where did they came from. Actually, they still left the IP address to track, but it is just a virtual one of the server, the real one is hidden. Some services, like VPN tool offer free usage of VPN tunnel, which users just have to download the executable file and then install to their computer, then they can surf the net without worrying about exposing their information or their address, since all the information is encrypted through high level of security, make it really hard to track down.VPN tool also hides the IP address, which is the clue to track the location of the users. VPNTool With this service, users can choose their desired location, such as US, Canada or UK to have the specified IP address. With that address, they can access any website they want without worrying about the restriction. After setting up the client software, it will create a private network and will redirect all the active connection through it. From now on, the connection will reach the server first, then reach the internet. VPN tool works with all internet connection from the users? computer, which means they can use for any purposes not only web browsing. They can help user have VOIP call, watching video online or any kind of internet usage.

Especially for those who use P2P as file transfer software, VPN tool will automatically figure out the best configuration to avoid any touch from ISP. In other words, it will forward the port to the servers, increasing the total speed of P2P service. With paid membership, users can enjoy maximum speed with protection while using the VPN service. https://youtu.be/BzVs8t3d5Mo This service has free account for people to use, however it will have some limitations in speed and features, while the premium membership has everything to support not only individual but also corporations. It can create private network for company and partner to send files to each other in a secured way, only members of the network can see and receive file from the others. In conclusion, surfing the internet safely nowadays is one of the most concerned matters. People often try to think about using antivirus software or using anti-hacking software, without knowing that, with just a VPN service, they have completely prevented all the risks that may occur.