VPNLabs Review

Talking about the VPN services, there are lots of companies nowadays, offering lots of services about VPN for people to use. They usually offer two kinds of services: free and paid. Basically, they have almost all the same features. The paid service will have no limitation in speed and bandwidth per day. If you are looking to choose a VPN service for your office or your private surfing, you may want to consider the VPNLabs, one of the best services in VPN providers.

What is VPN?

VPN is a service, which will create a layer of protection for users to use. Actually, it redirect the internet of users from directly connect to the internet, it will direct it to connect to server first, then all the information is encrypted and send to the internet. This is the first usage of VPN. The second usage is more common, is that VPN create a virtual, encrypted network that only the members can see each other. It means that, with a VPN network enabled, you can take control of the computer in your office while you are still at your home. This is the most popular usage for VPN. vpnlabs

How it works?

In addition, VPN service create a virtual IP address for those who use VPN to access the internet. It means that no matter which country you are in, once you have connected to the VPN server, you will have an assigned IP address, which usually the IP address of the server. With that IP, you can freely access any website you want, without worrying about the restriction that may apply due to various reasons.VPNLabsoffers VPN service for various purposes of use. You can use it to access the internet or use it to transfer file securely from your office and your desktop computer. With this, you can also increase the speed of your P2P sharing software, which is usually restricted by your ISP. VPNLabs client software is easy to use, that you just have to download the file and install on your computer.

After the first run, will configure your internet connection and create a VPN connection to the server. If you are doing everything right, you will see your current IP address has changed to a different one, depending on the server you have chosen. You can choose from the list of the server to choose the fastest one, which usually is near from you. After setting up, you can use some IP check software to check whether if the port of your computer has been opened or not. You can also test by checking the client in your virtual network. If you can reach your office computer, you are done. https://youtu.be/q4P4BjjXghQ In sum, VPNLabsis a reliable service provider to consider when it comes to choosing the ISP. It create a personal network so that you can surf the net easily without any problem or worrying about losing your personal information or your real IP address. Sometimes, hackers will use your IP address to steal your identity online.