VPNBoy Review

Nowadays, when surfing internet is becoming more risk with the threat from the bad groups such as hackers or online criminals. Fortunately, with the help of the VPN service, the work of accessing to the internet of people will become safer and the level of risk will be reduced significantly. In general, the work of the VPN is creating a private and secured connection for the user every time the access to the internet.

In fact, with the VPN service, the user will be connected to a VPN servers where all the information is encrypted and ensure to be safe instead of directly connect to the website they access to normally.  During this process, the real IP of the internet users will be hidden and the IP that websites recognized is a virtual one. With the popularity of those kinds of service, nowadays there are a huge number of VPN services provided in the market. Among those software, the VPNBOY is one of the good one. Firstly, this software is very easy to install.

How to download VPN?

All the steps you need to do is download the setup file and then follow the instruction that is very easy to understand to install the service to your computer. In general, VPNBOY provides the users a number of IPs from different countries such as United Stated or United Kingdom and Canada, which is totally anonymous to use. The VPN servers are also be located to different countries that help people in different locations can choose the servers that is nearest to them to increase the speed of the internet connection.

The software also provides some options to meet different demands of the users. For example, it can be set to launch automatically every time you access to the internet. VPNBOY have different versions for user to select. If they do not want to pay for this software, they can still use the free version will almost all benefits compared to the paid version. Nevertheless, with the free version, obviously the services will have some limitation. For example, the speed of connecting to internet when using the VPN service with the free version will be slower than normal. Moreover, when accessing to websites, you also may feel disturb with some advertisement and pop-up that automatically appears on the screen. https://youtu.be/8YvHo7dbWUY On the other hand, with the paid version, the users can enjoy the full speed connection with none of advertisement and pop-up.

Moreover, the company also provides the services for group users such as companies or schools. They can provide a private network that only the members of the network with the authorized username and password can see and share the files to others. In conclusion, nowadays, security on internet is becoming more and more important in the modern life, when people and companies connect and contact to each other frequently using the internet. With the VPNBOY, the internet users now have a solution for preventing risks when surfing internet with an affordable price and high quality service.