VPN One Click Review

The VPN One Click is one of the best VPN service providers. Servers of this company are located in United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Italy as well as Austria. The company supports L2TP as well as PPTP protocols. Similarly, the supported IPs are dynamic as well as shared IP addresses. The company supports unlimited VPN accounts.  Whereas, for logging policy you may check the services terms of this VPN service provider. The company also offers a free trail of about 7 days. The company also provides free online technical support to all of its customers. On the other hand, if we talk about the price plan, it is one of the cheapest VPN service providers. The fee structure for Mac is about 2.99 dollars per month whereas for iPad and iPhone, the fee structure is about 0.99 per month, which is simply phenomenal. The customers also enjoy a number of discounts and concessions on six months as well as annual plans. In addition to numerous distinctive features, the company also includes apple application store as well as iTunes as payment options.

How VPN One Click Works?


  • It allows communicating and navigating with other online applications for instance Email, VoIP, and Web etc. in perfectly hidden manner. This allows you not to intercept by someone else.
  • It allows the encryption of all the internet communication to ensure the utmost security
  • The company assures perfectly no relation between your IP address and connection that you use for communication.
  • The company also provides an extra firewall in order to make your connection more safe and secure
  • In contrast to most of its rivals, you will not experience any reduction in network performance of internet speed
  • The company does not maintain any connection logs at all

Distinguished Features

  • VPN One Click is capable of unblocking all the blocked services like Skype, twitter,
  • Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • It allows users to hide their complete identity
  • It allows you to avoid different geographical restrictions
  • It does not slow down the speed of internet connection
  • You can make use of the same account for iPhone and personal computer
  • The company also provides 24/7 live support

https://youtu.be/CJY1SJ_Oi2w Keeping in view above mentioned benefits and distinctive features everybody would love to use this VPN service. Now, the question is how you can make use of this VPN service. This is a matter of no time, just go online, and place your order using the official website of this VPN service.  You may also check the free trail of this service before going to place an order. Moreover, it is also recommended that check the numerous reviews from satisfied consumers. Here, it is also worthwhile to mention that best Android vpn requires manual configuration. You can find the detail method of its configuration on the official website of this VPN service provider. However, in case of any difficulty, you can make use of live support anytime.