SpotFlux Review

Spotflux is a company that based on NYC that develop various exclusive technologies and get over the censoring technologies, provide great protection and privacy, also allow the users to browse a free and open internet all around the globe. It is a unique and quite different service that gives more secure, more private and quite broad connection to internet. It is very easy to use from PC, Mac and connectivity with mobile is on the way and will come soon.

It offers you the open freedom to access all services of web that one needs like any activity and browsing personal history. Spotflux is different from VPN, as VPN network uses initially infrastructure of public telecommunication to provide access to the organizational central network for the travelers and to remote offices. VPN encrypted the IP addresses of the users or provide tunnel that also screen the IP addresses. But spoflux provide everything in a single solution and gives complete security and privacy online. It eliminates all the malwares and nasty viruses before they attack the computer. Similarly, from internet it also filters all the unnecessary tracking technologies.  Another best feature is that it blocks all those unwanted ads which block or slows the speed of internet connection.

Important features:

  • It completely secures and encrypted the connection at travelling, at home and also even by using public Wi-Fi and gives you complete privacy and protect your connection while browsing.
  • It provides protection from malware and viruses by protecting and scanning your connection continuously.
  • It provides unrestricted and an open access to the internet as it does not believe to block or limit the access.
  • It provides you free clean ad browsing; it saves the bandwidth, also covers the IP address and keeps the location private.

No one can provide enough protection to the files that are sending through internet is 100% safe from any kind of praying eyes. Many of the services that provide encryption are quite expensive. But now it is quite affordable for everyone with spotflux. This is a new encryption plug-in browser that is available for both OS X and windows and provides protection to the complete connection of internet in a very simple and easy way.

What you have to do just install this plug-in and then turn over the switch over all the data that you are receiving and sending for encryption using VPN. It provides complete protection to your computer and data from all kinds of scam that hack your computer and steal your data by knowing your password. It gives protection to the credit cards that you are using for buying and selling things over internet. It also protects your password of Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts. One can download it from the internet and can get a great protection for their sensitive information by making use of this unique and exclusive spotflux and this service is available all over the world so, everyone can enjoy this service from any place of the world.