SecurityKiss Review

Are you looking for a VPN service provider that helps you surf the internet anonymously? If so, SecurityKiss is the company you should take a look. With lots of servers, SecurityKiss will provide anonymously web surfing, that completely hides you IP address, let you surf the internet that nobody can track down to your current location and steal your information. They also change your IP address to a virtual one, that helps you access website that has restriction based on your location.

How does it work

The process is quite simple, after you have downloaded the SecurityKiss Tunnel an installed on your computer, it will created a personal tunnel that only you can communicate with the dedicated server. From then, you information will be sent out to the internet via various secured processes such as encryption to make sure that it reaches the destination safely and no one can intercept and steal the data. SecurityKiss also provides a virtual IP, after you have successfully established a connection to the server, you now have a virtual IP address that is based on the location of the server. It is a necessary feature that allows you to access the internet freely without worrying about the limitations on geography. In other words, some websites, even YouTube, may restrict you from accessing some certain area of information. With this feature, you can just enjoy everything freely. securitykiss

How to use

It is easy to use the VPN service. What you have to do is just download and install the client software, then it will automatically do the rest for you. The most interesting point about this service is that, they provide the VPN for free, which means you can use their VPN service as long as you want, for free. However, there will be a daily limit if you are using the free account. Basically, free account has all the features of the premium account except the daily limit. They also have good customer service that will assist you whenever you need to setup your internet connection. They will show you step by step about how to setup the VPN IP and how to set port forwarding on your computer for the fastest speed.

If you are looking for an ultimate solution for your company, you may want to use the premium account to have more options such as faster speed and higher level of protection. The premium account also helps you by auto generating the code every day to make sure that only you have the access key to connect to the dedicated server. In conclusion, SecurityKiss is fast and simple service when talking about VPN service. With its free ability, users can enjoy what they need mostly to surf the internet safe and free. The VPN service will affect a little on internet connection, but it does not matter much if the users only use internet for web surfing or watching video online. If you are still wondering about which service to choose, I hope this article have already answered your question.