SecureTunnel Review

Looking for any reliable VPN service provider? If yes, you have reached to a right place. Here, we are going to introduce one of the best VPN services known as SecureTunnel. It is the only VPN service provider that provides SSH tunneling for United States based servers. Though the company recently launched its operations but yet it provides a free trial of not less than seven days. Here, we are going to share some distinctive features pertaining to this VPN service provider.

What is SecureTunnel?

The server of this VPN service provider is located in United States of America. The company offers two types of plan that are Webtunnel SSH as well as PPTP. The details pertaining to services are as follows; you can hide your personal identity using the VPN services. The VPN service provider also allows the encryption of different online activities. You may also protect personal information on travel or using internet from public places. Using internet with Wi-Fi hotspots can also be safeguarded by making use of this VPN service provider. It supports SSL VPN of 128 bits as well as SSH Webtunnel of 1024 bits. Now let us have a look over a few distinctive features of SecureTunnel. securetunnel

  • The biggest problem seen in most of the VPN networks is that they result in the reduction of internet speed as well as network performance. However, This VPN service provider does not cause any such problem. You may compare the speed of your internet connection as well as network performance before and after the establishment of a connection with this VPN service provider, it is guaranteed that the speed of internet connection will remain same.
  • The company also offers a free trial of seven days to check the performance of VPN network.
  • The VPN services are safeguarded by numerous satisfied consumer testimonials
  • In addition to numerous distinguished features, yet the services are very much cost effective and affordable. The company offers three price plans known as Surf, Select as well as Complete. The price for Surf is only 5.95 dollars per month and provides only SSH safe tunneling. Similarly, the price for select plan is only 12.95 dollars per month and provides SSH safe tunneling including VPN as well as PPTP. Likewise, the price for complete plan is only 14.95 dollars and provides full access to PPTP, Open VPN, SSH safe tunneling as well as other basic features.

This was a brief account of numerous features that make the SecureTunnel VPN service provider distinguished among the broad array of rivals. In addition to distinctive features, the process of making payments in order to get VPN service is also very easy and simple. The company allows users to make payments using any of the following payment methods that are Discover, Pay Pal, Master Card, as well as Visa Card. Keeping in view above-mentioned distinguished features and touching price plan, everybody would love to buy it. You may place your order online using the official website of company.