ProXPN Review

Nowadays, surfing anonymously always is a concern of many people. They are looking forward to use any method that helps them surf the net without leaving any track. Furthermore, without proper protection,surfing on the Internet may lead to the lost of personal information, not only phone number, house address, but also credit card information and other sensitive information. With all that risks, surfing the internet safely and anomalously is provided by the VPN service.

How does it work?

The basic of the VPN service is to create an encrypted connection between the user’s computer and the internet. In other words, it will add an extra layer of protection on the current internet connection, make it more secure and safe to surf the internet. The VPN itself does not provide any internet service, it only provides extra protection, so that, to use any VPN service, having a internet connection is vital. Usually, there are some advanced tools that will track down the current position based on the IP address. Now with the VPN service, it is not possible to do so, as the internet connection is forwarded to the main server before reaching the internet. proxpn In the past, when the VPN or proxy service was not so popular, one had to pay a large sum of money to have the VPN service enabled. Nowadays, the VPN service is much cheaper, and with some services likeProXPN, they are free to use, that everyone can surf the internet safely without worrying about exposing personal information. ProXPN will provide a secured connection for both Wi-Fi and 3G connection, making all the data being processed encrypted before sending to the server. Furthermore, it also gives user an IP address from US or UK, so that checking website will be much easier. In some countries, accessing some certain websites or social network is restricted. With ProXPN, there is no limitation that everyone can access the internet with ease. They also have multiple servers accessed in multiple locations in the world. If user prefers speed, they should choose the nearest VPN server location. ProXPNhas lots of benefits to consider, such as:

  • Completely anonymous: nobody will know which websites the user had surfed.
  • All personal information, which is being sent to the server is encrypted, so that there is no worry about losing the account information or personal information like in the past.
  • All of emails, IM or video calls are safe, nobody can intercept or hijack the content.
  • Supports mobile phones that have the VPN feature in the Wi-Fi settings (Apple iPhone and some certain Android models). The VPN program of this VPN service is free to download, and free to create an account. In order to use the service, user must create an account (free) to use. With all that benefits, this service is truly an ideal choice for those who are wondering about how to surf the internet safe. Furthermore, the quality servers of this service will not slow down the internet connection, make it stable and reliable to access the internet.