PrivateWiFi Review

Surfing to internet nowadays contains a lot of risk and threat. Using internet without any protection solutions will be totally unsafe because you can easily be attacked by some bad targets such as hackers. One of the most significant problems that an internet user may have to deal with is the issues related to the IP address.

How to stay safe?

Nowadays, hackers can find some way utilizing your IP address to steal the vital information from your computer such as personal information, private information about the works or the username and password of your internet banking account. Understanding the current situation, there are more and more VPN services are provided to help enhance the security processes. Those kind of services can be provided for free, nevertheless if the user would like to receive some premium benefits, they can purchase the paid version with an affordable price. privatewifi VPN can be generally known as a service that provides a secured direction to connect to internet instead of the normal way as usual. Using those services, the information related to the internet users will be hided with the help of a VPN servers where the information will be encrypted to ensure the safety. Moreover, one of the significant functions of VPN service is using a virtual IP address to help the users to access to some blocked and restricted websites that forbidden users from some specific locations.

With the fake IP from other countries, the user now can gain access to those kind of website without being exposed the real location. Among the VPN services in the market, the PrivateWifi is one of the most popular ones, which is highly appreciated by many users.

The function of the service is introduced to be similar with the antivirus and firewall software, nevertheless in a higher level of quality. PrivateWifi will quickly create a secured connection every time you connect to internet, writing email or sharing files such as music, video through the internet.  This service is also very easy to install and use. You just need to download the setup file and follow the instruction to install it to your computer and start using it.

Normally, after installing, the software will automatically launch every time the user access to the internet. This service is also convenient because it can be used in both Windows and Mac systems and just take a small amount of storage on your hard disk space.

Free or paid version?

PrivateWifi provides the users different selection for using the products. If the users want to check the function and the quality of the product, they can start with the trial version in 3 days before pointing out the final decision. The paid packages include the monthly and the annual packs depend on the demand of users. The company also guarantees to pay back money for the user if they are not satisfied about the service provided. Overall, PrivateWifiis a VPN service that you should try if you want to ensure the safety when accessing to the internet.