MacroVPN Review

Some reason to download VPN

Nowadays, when accessing to the internet, the users often have to deal with some issues. The users may not be able to access to some website because of the unsuitable contents in the websites or some restriction related to the location of the users. Or the internet users do not want to show the real IP when access to a private or strange website because of the security reason.

In fact, the IP address can be exploited to get personal information from the users. Some websites will use that information and sell them to the third- parties for different purposes. Moreover, the risk of being hacked by the hackers and being stolen cyber information about the credit card or some private information related to the works is significant nowadays. Because of the potential of those problems, VPN services are becoming more and more important with the function of providing an extra level of protection for the internet connection.

Why MacroVPN?

In general, VPN service can be defined as a secured layer for the internet users when they access to internet. In another words, with the VPN service, the user will connect to internet through a VPN server instead of directly connect as usual. In this server, all of the information will be encrypted to ensure the safety. Moreover, VPN services also help the users to hide the real IP and provide an alternative IPs from different countries. Using the ?fake? IP, your computer now can access to some blocked website without any difficulties.

For example, if you use a Germany IP as the alternative IP, the websites will recognize you as a user from US instead of your real location In the market nowadays, there are a huge number of VPN providers. Among those companies, the Marco VPN is known as one of the most popular ones because of its good reputation and high reliability. As a good VPN service software, Marco VPN provide the ability to hides the IP of the users not only on the web browsers but also other activities such as sending emails, sharing music, videos and other types of file without being revealed.

With a certain number of IP address provided from different countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, United Stated and United  Kingdom, the software will help you to have more selection to find out the best IP address that are anonymous and do not affect significantly to the speed of the internet connection. Like other VPN services in the market, Marco VPN offers the users a trial version to check the quality and the benefits from the services in 7 days. The VPN services of the software are located in 8 countries with 19 servers at total. To purchase the service, the user can use the online payment like Paypal or use the MasterCard or Visa bank account in the most convenient way.  The providers of Marco VPNalso guarantee to provide the most affordable price for the users with the highest level of benefits.