ItsHidden VPN Review

ItsHidden is a VPN service, which is known for its functionality that have been trusted by lots of people who are surfing the internet. Basically, this service has the best customer service with fastest internet connection for the VPN service. In comparison with other providers, ItsHidden simply stands out for various reasons.

VPN Anonymously surfing in just a click

This service provides the easiest VPN setup that users just have to configure their local IP address and then, everything will be automatically setup, no program is needed. Furthermore, the VPN of this service has the best speed and stable internet connection, which is remarkably better than the rest of service providers. VPN is a term to specify a private internet connection, which users will connect to a private network with server. From here, all the information that users are going to send will be encrypted before reaching the internet. With this method, all of information is safe. Furthermore, this method will leave no track behind, so that the web owners can not track down the information or even the IP address of the users. itshidden

IP Address restriction

In some countries, there is an IP restriction that does not allow users to access some websites for various reasons. With VPN service, they will give a virtual IP address, which users will use it to access the internet with ease. With this IP address, the websites will recognize the users based on the IP of the local server, not the real IP of the users. In other words, if the VPN server is located in Canada, connecting to the server before accessing the internet will give users an IP address from Canada, which they can use to access the content of lots of other websites that may have restrictions. ItsHidden has different servers in different countries, so that in case users can not connect to some certain websites, they can try other servers for the best result.

The best service

ItsHidden has the best customer services that will support users everything they need to setup a working VPN. Furthermore, their bandwidth is quite high, which guarantees the speed for all the client to access the internet at the same time. It is a vital factor to consider a VPN service provider. Although there are lots of providers to consider, one with highest bandwidth is the best choice to consider. However, do not misunderstand the VPN and the ISP. Actually, users need a ISP to have a working internet connection to connect to the internet. They only need the VPN service as an additional protection to help them surf the net better and anonymously.  With VPN installed, based on the providers, the internet connection may be slower or not.


If you surf the net all days or have to deal with partners about some important projects for your company, you may want to choose VPN service to provide a safer method to send out the precious information.