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ExpatShield Review

It is undoubted that Internet is developing significantly in this modern life because of the high demand of communication in global range. Nevertheless, together with this development, there are more and more threats and risks when accessing to the internet. Hacker and computing criminals can easily invade into your computer and steal some important personal information such as telephone number, home address and even your bank account and some top secret information and data of your work which need to be kept privately. Because of those issues, the need of having protection software and services such as VPN service is significant among internet users. Basically, the VPN service has the function is to hide the real IP address of the internet users when they access to the internet.

Why you have to download ExpatShield

The IP address is known as the identifying factor when an internet users access to the websites. In fact, VPN service redirects the connection of the connection of users through a VPN server instead of the website directly as usual. In this alternative server, all the information will be encrypted before the user can continue surfing the website they accessed with a new IP instead of the current one. In addition, using VPN service is a good solution for people who would like to access to the blocked and restricted website because of the illegal location. For example, using VPN with an American IP can help the users to access to a website which solely allow American users are able to visit. expatshield In the market, there are a lot of VPN services that available. In general, there are two types of VPN services which are paid versions and free version. With the free version, the customer still get a lot of benefits, nevertheless the speed of the connection will be limited or there will be advertisement and pop-up suddenly appears when they surfing to the websites. Among those VPN service, the ExpatShieldis one of the most high quality one. This service has three main functions which are maintaining your privacy, protecting your identify and accessing to your favorite website.

Bottom Line

With the first one, the users can manage and control who can be able to get their information such as name, location or history of browsed websites. Secondly, the second function will have some efficient protection methods to avoid from being attacked by the hacker and computing criminals. Finally, with the final function of ExpatShield, the user can access to many restricted and block website with the anonymous IP from United Kingdom which have high level of stability. User in some countries who have difficulties in accessing to social networking website now can get a good solution with this software because it allows people to connect to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube easily. https://youtu.be/5cMhCWTciWw One of the advantage of user when using ExpatShield is that it is totally free, which mean that the user have to pay nothing to use the software. Overall, with a lot of beneficial functions and free payment, ExpatShield is one of the good selection in the market in terms of VPN service.