CryptoCloud Review

Cryptocloud offers the VPN service like many other firms. The company makes use of the Encyptica NetCloak engine in order to deliver the robust safety from surveillance without reducing the speed or network performance. The servers of this company are located in Japan, United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, as well as Netherland. It supports two types of protocols that are PPTP as well as Open VPN. Similarly, the supported IP addresses include dynamic as well as shared IPs. Likewise, types of VPN account are unlimited. The company does not impose any restriction at all. Let us have a quick view over some exciting features of this VPN service provider.

A Few Distinguished Features

  • The Cryptocloud is the only VPN service provider that does not any connection logs
  • The company makes sure that the speed or network performance is not reduced
  • It supports PPTP as well as OpenVPN protocols
  • The company provides two accounts for each of its members that is every member can make use of internet services from two different locations at the same time, this is simply phenomenal
  • In addition to numerous exciting features, yet it is very much affordable and cost effective. The rent of this exciting VPN service is only 19.95 dollars per month. Similarly, users of quarterly, yearly as well as 6 months plan also enjoy some additional discounts and concessions.
  • It also offers a free trail of not less than 7 days
  • It is safeguarded with 100% money back guarantee and hundreds of satisfied consumer testimonials
  • The company supports a broad array of payment options including Pay Pal, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, American Express, Visa, Dicover, Master Card, Money Bookers, Liberty Reserve, Wire Transfer, Alert Pay, Bitcoin, Carte Blue as well as Western Union

The Cryptocloud VPN service is quite elegant, you may make use of this service without any consultation, instruction or live support. However, in case you find any difficulty at any stage, the 24/7 online support is there. Moreover, unlike many other VPN services, it does not cause a reduction in speed as well as network performance. The service is particularly very useful for those who make use of internet services from different public places like office, hotels, Airport?s Wife etc.

Bottom Line

The service can also work for those facing web content blockage or geographical restrictions. Keeping in view above mentioned distinguished features, everybody would love to make use of this VPN service. Now the question is what are the specific requirements to make use of this service. Here is a brief account of a few requirements. The CPU should be at least Phenom II to 3.232 GHz, similarly the requirements pertaining to RAM and HDD are DDR2 800 and 4×80 GB respectively. Likewise, the internet connection should be at least 3 megabytes. The network card of the computer should be at least Ethernet 1 Gbps. This was a brief account of different distinguished features as well as computer specifications required for this VPN service.