Best Free VPN China

VPN stands for virtual private network it is any network that makes use of public telecommunications already established. It provides mobile access though a central network. In China there are strict guidelines about what internet sites can be accessed, with strict firewalls in place to keep residents out. If you are looking to be able to access those sites, the best way to do so is by using VPN. It is possible to bypass the strict censorship barriers that exist in China through using this avenue.

When you use the internet, every piece of information that is transferred from your computer to the internet and back again contains something called an IP address. It is an address that allows your computer to be tracked. If you try to access an address that is censored a firewall will disallow you access to it. If you want to be able to view sites that are on the censorship list of China’s government, it is necessary to utilize an IP address that appears to be originating in another country. It will encase the information that you send and send it through another IP vector. In doing so, you will be granted inclusion into any site you want without interference, or sending any flags up to firewalls.

Many who wish to have the freedom to surf the internet without being censored are opting to use virtual private networks to do so. There are many free vpn china services, but sometimes they aren’t worth the price of freedom. Because of the large number of people using them they have a tendency to be slow, and frustrating for those looking for internet speed. A lot of times they are also shut down frequently, leaving you without service for extended period of times.

Some of the best vpn china services are it is a SSL/TLS vpn that provides the best in privacy and security. All you need to do is install the software by downloading it onto your computer. It will gain your access to any site you wish to view. is an exclusively Japan service, once downloaded it is considered one of the fastest and most reliable software packages you can use. It works only on Linux and Windows so if you are Mac based, it will not work on your system.

Hotspot Shield is the most popular free vpn site worldwide that you can use from your own IP address. Available for both Windows and Mac, it is the best overall service for anyone looking to hide their origins. Not as reliable as the others, but still free, JAP aka JonDo is a site which offers free connection to the internet. It is a research project, but if you don’t mind being a guinea pig, it is perfect for you to use. Lastly, Its Hidden is one software provider that doesn’t require you to install their applications to your hard drive, but still gains you the freedom over restriction.