Best Data Room Solutions for Safe and Secure Data

Data security has always been a pressing concern for companies, both during physical storage and after the move to the digital space. If you don’t use the proper software to store and share documents, a data breach will directly threaten you and shake your entire business if an incident occurs. Virtual data rooms have become an immediate solution, and thousands of companies worldwide are now using these tools to ensure sensitive data is protected during transactions. Find out which VDR services offer the best security features.

Digify VDR

Digify is a VDR platform that has been securing digital documents since 2011. The Digify solution has customers in 138 countries, and the target audience of the space is large companies, although small businesses can use it too. Digify’s main goal, like every decent provider, is to provide security and to do that, the data room offers the following features:

  • Digital rights management allows you to set up copyright protection for any document
  • Secure email attachments – you can monitor attachments even after they’ve been sent
  • Screen Shield – every document you upload to the space has screenshot protection built-in

VDR is best suited for fundraising processes, communication with potential partners and investors, secure document sharing, funding process analysis, and more because the space can protect the most sensitive documents from any threat.

Ansarada VDR

Ansarada is a powerful and popular data room provider that provides flexible services for all sizes of businesses and uses artificial intelligence technology in all of its rooms.

Ansarada’s key security features include:

  • Watermarks – captures all information about what the user did inside the document
  • Canceled permissions – can prohibit copying, printing, editing, forwarding, downloading, and even taking a screenshot of a document if any of these functions are not the user’s responsibility
  • Data encryption – encrypts documents at rest and during transmission.

Also, the platform is very user-friendly and available from all operating systems. Furthermore, VDR Ansarada support is available 24 hours a day by mail or phone.

FirmRoom VDR

FirmRoom has a significant presence in the United States and eight other countries. The provider’s most frequent customers come from the investment banking, real estate, and legal industries. Clients note its extremely simple interface, yet its security infrastructure is strong enough to protect organizations’ sensitive data. Its ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC international security licenses attest to that. The main features of FirmRoom are unrestricted storage, data analysis, and secure file viewing and editing.

Citrix VDR

Citrix is a SaaS-based platform that provides an optimized space for efficient management of medium and large businesses. The provider has more than 400,000 customers worldwide, but it never stops improving and is now one of the best virtual data room solutions for securing sensitive business data. Citrix’s main security features include:

  • Transparency – Administrators can monitor the flow of transactions and see what actions users take within documents, allowing them to monitor their security as well as set up the transaction process
  • Security protocols -some of the best security standards of COC 2 and CCAE 16
  • 256-bit IPS encryption – encrypts data during storage and transmission
  • Two Factor Authentication -Secures login with a one-time code request
  • Single Sign-On – Makes it easy for users to communicate between projects while keeping passwords secure by allowing users to generate a single strong password instead of having to come up with several simple passwords