AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Review

Nowadays, surfing the internet without any protection is unsafe. Even though you have some firewall programs installed in your computer, you have to be aware of the risk of exposing your IP address, which other people, such as hackers, can track down to your location and steal your precious information, including your personal information and your credit card. To prevent that risk, having set up a VPN service is necessary. Furthermore, there are some companies that offer these VPN services for free. What is VPN and how does it work? VPN is a service, which provided a private tunnel for users to surf the internet anonymously, without revealing any personal information. In other words, before reaching the internet, the information of the users have to go through the VPN servers, where the information will be encrypted to make sure it reaches the internet safely. 

Most common features

Furthermore, the VPN also create a virtual IP address, that will allow users to access restricted websites, that do not allow users from some certain areas from entering. For instance, people in East Asia may have trouble accessing some certain websites in the US. With VPN, they will have a virtual IP address from the US, that allows them to visit these websites freely.

About server provide, AnchorFree Hotspot Shield is currently considered one of the most popular services that give the best VPN for users. They have two options, free account or Elute account. Both of these accounts have similar functions, such as hiding identity from the net, improving privacy and security. However, the Elite account will not have any ads in it, while the free account may have some ads. However, it does not matter which account you should choose, because they all give you the same functions.

They also support many languages so that you really do not have to worry about how to set up and run it on your computer. To use AnchorFree Hotspot Shield client software you just need to download the executable file and install on your computer. Then your computer will automatically install the new driver for your modem, setting up the VPN service with ease. After that process, you may now access your internet via the AnchorFree Hotspot Shieldservice, allowing you to surf freely and anonymously. Did you know that you can use AnchorFree Hotspot Shield VPN service on your mobile phones? Some phones like Apply iPhone can use VPN with just some manual steps to set up. 

These steps are quite simple that you just need to put your account in the VPN setting page, and then you just edit some default values to a specific value and then you can surf anonymously on your mobile phones. In sum, with a reliable VPN like this, there is no risk to soft the internet now. They also have a Malware Protection program included, that makes you feel more comfortable to surf in websites that may try to install malware on your computer. So, with all that benefits, what are you still waiting for?